PASSONI HBF Holistic Bike Fitting

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To create the ideal frame to meet your requirements, it is necessary to have a holistic approach to the man-bike system. HBF, Holistic Bike Fitting, enables our customers to get the best performance out of their bikes, either at cycle-tourist level or at a competitive level. When studying the position on the saddle, Passoni's aim is to comply with pure biomechanics data and to take into account the individual's features: this is not achieved only by physical requirements and health conditions, but above all by his/her mind and their reasons for riding a bike. A conversation between body and mind, the alliance of two energy sources to achieve an ideal state and fully recognise that feel-good sensation only a bike can provide. We assess your posture attentively "from the first handshake". By pedalling with you we can observe your way of cycling and study it together to create your custom-made frame in harmony with your needs. HBF, Holistic Bike Fitting, the experience of a custom-made bike, synonymous with exclusivity.



PASSONI CFT Custom Frame Tubes

The comfort and performance of the ride comes from the materials. The cooperation of Passoni with dynamic technical partners continues to write the history of our product. Our triple-butted drawn titanium tubes are made in conformity with our instructions which allows us to choose the most suitable diameters, sections, lengths and reinforcements to build your frame. An important tube range is available for carbon frames, with different forms, thickness, sections and fibre density to produce and offer you the frame of your dreams. For those who prefer a steel frame, the symbol of the Italian artisan skills par excellence, we are proud to introduce the new stainless steel Columbus XCr triple butted tubes, with Passoni's customisable thickness and silhouettes. Therefore we can create a more rigid, more comfortable and lighter frame, striving to find the perfect match of performance and design. The handcrafted quality of Passoni means life, innovation, tradition, the ability to understand your personal needs and experience. All our projects are entirely customisable in graphics and colours too, for your frame to be truly unique, setting your own style free.